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Public Sector Strategy

Managing corporate activities at the public-private nexus in order to maximize business value and minimize political and business risk is both an art and a science, particularly for foreign companies doing business in the US. Jeff has extensive experience doing this discreetly and effectively for US subsidiaries and their foreign-based parent companies. 

Drawing on his expertise designing and executing US public sector strategy plans for large, overseas-based companies, Jeff helps clients navigate the complexities of federal and state policy, with business development as their North Star. His legal, legislative, and business experience ensures that the advice Jeff imparts is both effective and relevant to the particular business goal.

Heinrich Rodewig, former Daimler-Benz GC:  “From designing public policy strategies to writing CEO speeches for a Washington audience, Jeff's international experience enabled him to bring a unique perspective and leadership that effectively addressed the issues of a foreign subsidiary in the US.”


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