Ethics & Compliance

At JTI, our expertise is based on decades of real-world business experience. Our counsel reflects an understanding of the realities of corporate life and of the pressures and challenges associated with meeting ambitious goals. We know what it's like to operate under the constraints of limited budgets, changing personnel and tight schedules.


Our approach to building and refining Ethics & Compliance programs is highly pragmatic, business-oriented, and efficient. This is a key reason our client relationships last for years.

We develop Ethics & Compliance training and communications programs for all stakeholder groups: board members, Ethics and Compliance representatives, management, administrative staff, blue-collar employees, and third parties / business partners. We're adept at taking hard-to-understand technical and legal jargon and turning it into practical, meaningful guidance for audiences that need to understand and act on it.


Ethics & Compliance is about managing risks. It is also, however, about supporting a corporate culture that promotes integrity and core corporate values. We partner with our clients to develop optimal strategies for each of them.

Our broad range of E&C services include:

  • Executive and Board Coaching and Training

  • Building Management Engagement

  • Ethics & Compliance Program Assessment

  • Ethics & Compliance Team Development

  • Third-Party Risk Management

  • Ethics & Compliance Communications

  • Employee Training

  • Code of Conduct Design

  • Ethics & Compliance Policies Design

  • Metrics and Measurement Methodologies

“JTI has served as a trusted advisor to us in the areas of Ethics & Compliance and Strategic Communications for several years. Their counsel is based on real business experience. They understand our business challenges and drivers. Whether directed at the board or the shop floor level, their advice is always clear, practical and impactful.”

— Tom Enders, former CEO, Airbus

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