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Authored by Jeff Thinnes


Build Trust with Self-Reflection and Effective Communications 

Compliance and Ethics Professional - April 2020

Corporate Sponsors and FIFA share Reform Accountability

Ethics & Compliance Professional - June 2018


FIFA’s Next Critical Steps Will Define Its Future

Compliance & Ethics Professional article by Jeff Thinnes - July, 2016

Volkswagen: A Lesson In Implicit Versus Explicit Rules And Regulations

Compliance Week article by Jeff Thinnes – February 22, 2016

Building With Integrity

CE Risk Management article by Jeff Thinnes, JTI, Inc. – Sept 22, 2014

Avoiding Corrupt Third-Party SuppliersCE Risk Management article by Jeff Thinnes, JTI, Inc. – May 1, 2014

Managing Ethics And Compliance Risks Inside and Out

Industry Week article by Jeff Thinnes, JTI, Inc. – February 25, 2014

Interviews in Print Media

VW vs Siemens: Why the Car Maker Is Stumbling After Its Scandal
Financial Times interview with Patrick McGee –

July 23, 2018

VW Executive, Hired To Help Overhaul Carmaker’s Culture, Is To Leave

New York Times interview with Prashant S. Rao – Jan 26, 2017

How VW’s Cheating On Emissions Was Exposed
Financial Times interview with Patrick McGee –

Jan 11, 2017

For Volkswagen Chief, Toll of the Emissions Scandal Rises

New York Times interview with Jack Ewing –

July 20, 2016

Managing Supplier-Related Corruption Risks

National Defense Magazine interview – May 2016


Life After Sepp Blatter: Major Challenges Await FIFA’s New President Gianni Infantino
Interview, The National, Agence-France Presse - February 27, 2016





FIFA, Ho-Hum?

The Atlantic interview with Krishnadev Calamur – February 26, 2016

Ahead Of FIFA Presidential Election, Here’s How An Increased Role For Women Could Help Shape Reforms

International Business Times interview with Tim Marcin – February 25, 2016


FIFA Election: Football Governing Body Still Has Much To Prove
BBC Sport interview with Dan Roan – February 25, 2016

FIFA Corruption: Sponsor Calls For Sepp Blatter’s Resignation Raise Red Flags

International Business Times interview with Thomas Barrabi – Oct 5, 2015

Volkswagen Names Porsche’s Matthias Muller As CEO
ABC News interview with Susanna Kim – Sept 25, 2015


Why Volkswagen May Have Risked It All By Allegedly Cheating On Emissions
ABC News interview with Susanna Kim – Sept 25, 2015


Volkswagen Chief’s Swift Resignation Highlights Exploding Global Scandal
Los Angeles Times interview with Charles Fleming & Jim Puzzanghera – Sept 24, 2015


A Look At Volkswagen’s Emissions Controversy With Guest Host Erik Schatzker Of Bloomberg Television
Charlie Rose Bloomberg Business interview – Sept 23, 2015


Volkswagen C.E.O. Martin Winterkorn Resigns Amid Emissions Scandal
New York Times interview with Jack Ewing – Sept 23, 2015


What Must FIFA Do To Regain World’s Trust?
VOA interview – July 10, 2015


FIFA Sponsors Express Concern About Corruption, But Few Pull Ads
VOA interviewJuly 9, 2015


Exploitation Rampant FIFA Host Cities Say
VOA interview July 8, 2015

U.S. Ready To Snatch Qatar’s World Cup

Daily Beast interview  with Nico Hines – June 3, 2015

The FBI’s Probe Into The Russian And Quatari World Cups Could Determine FIFA Reform

Foreign Policy interview with David Francis – June 3, 2015


FIFA President Sepp Blatter Resigns Amid Corruption Scandal

NPR interview with Tom Goldman – June 2, 2015

FIFA Presidential Election Results 2015: Amid Corruption Allegations, Sepp Blatter Faces Calls For Reform

International Business Times interview with Thomas Barrabi – May 29, 2015

FIFA And Ethics: It’s Not An Oxymoron
LA Times interview with Kevin Baxter – September 13, 2014


FIFA Fiasco: Sponsors Scurry For Accountability, Face Reputation Risk
Wall Street Journal interview with Samuel Rubenfeld – June 11, 2014

Television Appearances

Is Adidas Parting Ways With The IAAF?

CNN International News interview with Don Riddell – January 25, 2016


Does FIFA Need Outside Reform?
CNN International News interview – December 22, 2015

Concerned Sponsors Meet With FIFA

CNN World Sport interview with Kate Riley – Aug 20, 2015

Is the U.S. Facing A Backlash For Investigating FIFA?

CNN interview with Amara Walker & John Vause – June 9, 2015

What Can be Done to Reform FIFA from Within?

CNN interview with Don Ridell – May 29, 2015

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