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Peer-to-Peer Best Practice Forums

JTI faciltates two JTI Peer-to-Peer Best Practice Forums annually -- one on Ethics & Compliance and one on Internal Communications.


Attendance is strictly limited to the global heads of these functions. Fellow peers openly discuss the challenges they face and possible actions to resolve them. The number of executives at the table is kept below 20 and the discussions are strictly off-the-record.

The Forums, moderated by Jeff Thinnes, are participant-led and focused. Topics are selected in advance by the Forum members, and the discussions are held in English.

Past participant companies include GE, IBM, The Walt Disney Company, Nike, Uber, Square, Estée Lauder and The Coca-Cola Company from the US; Allianz, Airbus, Total, Kering, GSK, Shell, Heineken and Nestlé from Europe; and Odebrecht from Latin America.


For more information on attending JTI Forums, please contact us at


Sarah Bonta, Head of Employee Engagement & Internal Communications, Square:  “Each year, I'm more and more impressed by the depth of our conversations, how transparent participants are willing to be to move towards solutions.”

Thomas Loesler, former Chief Compliance Officer, Allianz:  “I have heavily benefitted from the JTI Forum. In its trustful, open atmosphere, participants share guidance about serious matters. If trust is the social license to operate our businesses, this forum run by Jeff Thinnes holds a very strong license.”

David Frick, Senior Vice President, Corporate Governance, Compliance and Corporate Services, Nestlé:  “What is so unique about this JTI Forum is the willingness of participants to confidentially share with their peers deep insights into some of the most sensitive areas of their work.  It is this environment of trust which makes this forum so special.”


Tynnetta McIntosh, MD, Corporate Firmwide Internal Communications, JPMorgan Chase:  “The JTI Forum is built around sharing best practices and solutions. It is that, as well as building relationships throughout the year, that makes these forums unique and invaluable.”


Gaëlle Thualt, Group Chief Compliance Officer, Kering:  “The open and transparent way in which peers share how they approach the compliance challenges they face is unique. Given the rapidly changing regulatory context, I am already looking forward to the next JTI Forum.”


Philip Matthey, Chief Compliance Officer, TRATON:  “Among the many compliance conferences offered, the JTI Forum is special, in giving the opportunity to exchange views in a small group of real experts from international companies. We don't just scratch the surface; we dig into details. That's why I try to make this one each year.”

Aline Vuillequez, Head of Internal Communications, Airbus: “We are able to share best practices in the JTI Forum and take a deep dive into subjects that really matter to all of us. The Forum Members continue supporting one another throughout the year.”

This is what Forum Members have to say about their experience...

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