Business Growth

We draw upon decades of global business experience to assist small and large companies, either as they expand into the U.S. market or as they restructure and grow in foreign markets. Our expertise includes:

  • Business plan design or re-design

  • Evaluation of overall go-to-market strategies

  • Determination of best product/technology/service positioning

  • Design and execution of innovation initiatives (both within and outside the companies)

  • Performance of management capability assessments

  • Design and execution of capital/finance acquisition strategies

  • Evaluation of organizational structures and decision-making processes

  • Performance of corporate culture and leadership assessments

  • Evaluation of business unit structure, performance, and corporate value-add

  • Assessment and improvement of cost management processes

  • Evaluation of sales and distribution channels, including partner strategies

  • Performance of competitor analyses

  • Preparation of plans to maximize public sector value and minimize policy risk associated with

       major business initiatives

“All the proposals JTI made were based on a clear assessment of facts, were creative and worthy of implementation ...  Jeff Thinnes has a clear strategic mind and excellent communication and motivational skills.” 

— Juergen Schultzke, Head of the Partner Council, Haarmann Hemmelrath

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