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Public Sector Strategy Case Studies

Spearheading a Public Affairs Strategy to Win Support from US Government Officials


Too often, cross-border investments don’t achieve their full value-added potential. Jeff understands the intricacies at play where public and private sector interests intersect, enabling clients to better understand their leverage and optimize short- and long-term value from their investments.
The Case: A Germany-based DAX 30 company faced a severe challenge from an Asian competitor whose subsidized loans from state-owned banks enabled it to dump a competing product into the market. A WTO claim was being considered, as were potential plant closings.
The Action: Leveraging the company's US investment and employee base in “technology-friendly” states, Jeff designed and executed a communications and public affairs strategy that won the active support of US Senators and Congressmen, and the US Trade Representative. The strategy also generated broader public pressure when Jeff wrote an editorial that ran in The Financial Times, co-signed by the client’s CEO and the CEO of its key US competitor.

The Results: Under public and political pressure, the Asian competitor ceased its anti-competitive practices, obviating the need for JTI's client to bring a claim to the WTO.

Navigating the Murky Waters of

Public Affairs


Don’t be fooled by the calmer tide! Jeff’s decades-long work in international markets helps clients see both the currents — and the undercurrents — that can impact their business ventures.

The Case: A Washington, DC, non-profit representing the interests of the U.S. subsidiaries of foreign companies was seeking ways to add greater value to its clients beyond analyzing and lobbying on public policy issues. Jeff helped shape the structure and agenda for peer-to-peer best practice conferences for the North American CEOs and General Counsel from US subsidiaries of foreign companies.
The Action: Jeff’s deep understanding of the complexities of conducting business in the US as a foreign-based firm enabled him to help shape a topical agenda that was relevant and compelling enough to attract invitees to attend. 
The Results: The best measure of success is when busy executives who sacrifice their valuable time to attend an event then decide to come back again the next year. These peer-to-peer conferences continue today, years after the initial launch.

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