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 Ethics & Compliance Case Studies

Protecting a Corporate Reputation


The Case: A 250 year-old €40 billion family business in Germany recognized that the changing legal and regulatory environment had heightened the importance of Ethics & Compliance. The company asked Jeff to support it in the development of a global compliance program. 


The Action: Jeff drafted key policies and communications materials and designed and facilitated training programs for newly appointed Compliance Officers, Internal Auditors and others.


 The Result: Jeff's business experience, combined with his extensive work in the ethics and compliance space, enabled him to build acceptance and support from managers expected to promote the program.

Compliance Plus Communications Expertise


The Case: Prosecutors uncovered a major international bribery scheme set up by one of the world’s largest global companies, headquartered in Germany. An external Compliance Advisor was quickly hired and invited Jeff to assist in assessing and rebuilding the company’s global compliance program.

The Action: Jeff's keen sense of balance in determining what, when, where and how to communicate on sensitive issues in multicultural environments was key to building understanding and inspiring engagement from boardroom executives to shop floor workers.
The Results: The company’s Compliance Training and Communications program is now considered benchmark. Jeff has since designed and helped execute full-year E&C communications plans for other global companies.

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