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Corporate Communications Case Studies

Strategic Public Relations


Don’t be blindsided by special interest groups. Jeff's experience leading communications initiatives on sensitive issues helps our clients avert potential reputation damage while building understanding and support with various interest groups.
The Case: A powerful interest group was gearing up to publicly attack the US subsidiary of a major European manufacturing company based on the claimed under-representation of the interest group's constituents among the subsidiary’s suppliers and business partners.
The Action: Jeff led an initiative to demonstrate a commitment to fairness that would defuse the situation and build bridges with the interest group. 
The Results: By meeting discreetly with key politicians, academics, and business persons, the company was able avert a public attack in the media after explaining its side of the issue and committing to make specific improvements that balanced the interests of all stakeholders.

Awareness and Political Capital


Jeff's expertise in building awareness and appreciation among different stakeholder groups assures clients that their contributions to host-country markets and citizens result in support, when and where they need it.


The Case: One of Europe’s largest companies had a major presence in the US with 22 subsidiaries and thousands of employees and suppliers. However, the company – and the extent of its US investment, employment, and procurement - was virtually unknown. Essentially, the company had no bankable political capital in Washington, DC, or in the many states where its North American subsidiaries operated.
The Action: Jeff spearheaded a joint effort with the company’s global headquarters in Germany and its 22 US subsidiaries to design and implement a comprehensive public affairs and communications initiative titled “Partnership with America.” Activities included: organizing major showcase events in Washington, D.C., and arranging targeted public television sponsorships; facilitating Cabinet-level meetings with the company’s CEO; writing high-level speeches for audiences of business and government leaders; managing a major transatlantic business meeting with hundreds of participating CEO's; and designing and disseminating corporate responsibility brochures. 
The Results: The result was vastly increased awareness, respect and support from US political and business elites and other stakeholders and interest groups. 

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