E&C Services

Executive Coaching and Training:

Personal coaching sessions benefit from Jeff’s executive experience in Germany and the US with values-based-leadership organization The Aspen Institute. Jeff also has over 25 years of experience with the foreign and US businesses he has supported. Discussions connect long-standing concepts of leadership with today’s real-world challenges, identifying practical ways to lead and succeed with integrity.

Building Management Engagement:

Mangers have the most immediate and powerful impact on an employee’s perceptions about the workplace. Managers must foster a culture in which employees feel free to voice concerns without fear of reprisal. JTI helps managers improve their skills at listening and detecting ethics & compliance issues in advance, and at responding effectively when employees raise concerns or seek guidance.

E&C Team Development:

TI helps our clients optimize the value and commitment of their teams of E&C representatives. From designing global organizational structures tailored to clients' risks and resources to helping them recruit top talent as E&C ambassadors, JTI works hand-in-glove with clients to maximize the overall impact of their E&C programs. Whether the E&C Team is brand-new or mature, JTI offers skill-building workshops and coaching to help team members excel in E&C roles.

E&C Policies:

While a company's value statement and its code of conduct serve as pivotal documents for the Ethics & Compliance program, every company needs policies to address specific E&C issues in greater detail. The Code of Conduct and ancillary policies must be clear and well-communicated to provide effective guidance to those whose responsibilities come within its scope. JTI professionals are experienced at making policies and guidelines understandable to various groups of stakeholders who must act on them.

E&C Communications:

JTI can create targeted, “one-off” communications such as CEO or Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer newsletters, blogs, and memos to address specific E&C issues. We also develop annual editorial calendars that map out key E&C themes and supporting messages for communication throughout the year. We match key messages with the right messengers for the targeted audience, using the most effective available channels.

E&C Program Assessment:

JTI can conduct an independent evaluation of an entire E&C program or focus on certain elements such as specific functions, sites or projects. Our process typically includes an optimal mix of  in-person interviews, focus groups, surveys, and key document reviews. We provide a written assessment against objective standards and best practices in which we identify and prioritize the client’s strengths and weaknesses. We then present the client with a plan to mitigate risks through remediation or improvement.

E&C Employee Training:

JTI creates training in a broad range of Ethics & Compliance topics. We design workshops to deliver ourselves, or we can prepare training in a “Toolkit” form for clients to use internally. Toolkits may include policies, guidelines, communication tools, and comprehensive yet practical training programs. We have personally trained thousands of managers in Asia, Africa, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East and the US. We tailor materials and delivery to be effective in different cultures.

Metrics and Measurement:

Measuring the impact of Ethics & Compliance initiatives is important in order to identify lessons learned and continuously improve the effectiveness of the E&C program. Measurements also help JTI clients demonstrate the return on their company’s investment in ethics and compliance. 

Topics covered in the programs and services described here include:

  • Anti-Corruption / Anti-Bribery

  • Third-Party / Supplier Compliance

  • Antitrust and Fair Competition

  • Conflicts of Interest

  • Discrimination & Harassment  Prevention

  •  Gifts & Hospitality

  •  Retaliation Prevention

  •  Speak Up Culture

  •  Managers as E&C First Responders

  •  Concern-Handling Procedures

  •  Discrimination and Harassment

  •  Privacy of Personal Data

  •  Protection of Confidential Information

  •  Social Media


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